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darkagecomics's Journal

The Dark Age of Comic Books
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Welcome to "The Dark Age" of comic books.

Are you frustrated with the state of comics today? Are you angry at the portrayal of your favorite heroes? Do you wish things would be simpler, and more hopeful, and not bleak and depressing?

Are you tired of the words "grim and gritty"?

Then this is the community for you.

Note, this is a community that stresses intellectual discussion. We do not approve of bashing of characters or writers, and we do not have a vendetta against anyone. This is a place for the thoughtful discussion of the misuse of characters and concepts.

The topics here can cover a wide variety of things, including issues like the questionable characterization of certain characters, or events in a certain comic. And, since we aren't totally a bunch of naysayers, we do allow people to post opinions about things that seem to move BEYOND the bleaker state of other publications. So if you want to post something that makes you feel good, go right ahead.

The rules here are simple. No flaming of other members, or of actual creators. Negativity is allowed, of course, but in a controlled fashion. Also, when posting about something of questionable nature, place it behind a lj cut with a warning.

Thank you, and enjoy the community.